The Heart and Soul of the Miss Black America Organization

Training - We believe that education is the key to lifelong success and empowerment.
We promote education and leadership by advancing our delegates’ understanding of their platforms through education opportunities and hands-on experiences.

Volunteerism – At Miss Black America, we know the value of giving of one’s self.
Our delegates are placed throughout the country, in under-served communities, to share and implement the training that they’ve learned in hopes of improving the quality of life of our fellow Americans.

Beauty - "Beauty is as beauty does." We promote the discovery and mastery of one’s inner self by teaching our contestants about the beauty of compassion, enthusiasm, optimism, grace, charm, intelligence and creativity.

Health and Wellness - Having a healthy mind, body, and spirit is central to the health and wellness of our contestants. Through our involvement with nationally recognized health conferences and events, we promote nutrition, physical fitness, and awareness, prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Talent - The Miss Black America competition provides a stage on both the local and national levels for our contestants to showcase their musical talent, acting skills, dancing ability, and comedic flair.