Winners Sponsorship Package - The Big Prize Package Includes:

    • Recognition as the official sponsor with unique visibility at “ MBA Searches & Pageants”
    • All MBA participants receive your Product, and are encouraged to sign up for  your  product  & or  Service - On Site as advertised and as predesigned for the Winner's Sponsorship Package.
    • Total Brand inclusion in all MBAP live events, including Billboards, Signage, Live Mentions, Media Walls, Banners, and Sponsorship Screen Promotions.
    • Inclusion in  Radio, TV & Print Promotions.
    • On site Product Sales and Sampling.
    • Promotion of   Your Company's Awards to  MBA Contestants.
    • Utilization of MBA Local Contestants & Winners to Appear at Local Store Openings, and Promotions.
    • Full Page PRODUCT  Advertisement  in National MBAP  Souvenir Journal, A Full Page Advertisement In    Local  MBA   Pageant Souvenir Journals In The  Cities Allocated In your Sponsorship  Package.
    •  Your Company Representative as a  Miss Black America National Pageant  Judge.  

    (This, in the cities allocated in the MBA Sponsorship Package)