The Black Image 1960’s

During this time the media, the government, the entertainment industry and the social consciousness of this country had all but said, “Black is ugly, “ and that it should not be included and displayed as part of the American socio-economic and cultural system. Blacks were excluded from major magazines and television commercials. Black people, themselves, believed dark skin and broad features were unattractive. The self-image of Blacks in America was stunted.

Introducing the Miss Black America Pageant

As part of the struggle of this time, there was a need to reverse the negative propaganda of the Black woman. Developed in 1968 by J. Morris Anderson, the Miss Black America Pageant was created to project the Black woman in all her charm, poise, and beauty, and to provide her with a world-class event that would celebrate their standards, talent, and African heritage.

Royalty On The Boardwalk
                              By Calvin W. Jackson

Buoyed by the winds of social change, the Miss Black America Pageant, was carried to the boardwalk of Atlantic City, NJ. With our beautiful, Black, queenly contestants, we paraded down that famous Boardwalk --- pausing for a moment in front of the official home of the Miss America Pageant --- then, we moved on and into the streets of Atlantic City. Tom-toms throbbed. Black children gleefully and proudly ran along with our caravan. They were doing more than just following a parade, they were witnessing history in the making.

Hail To The Queen

A Black Queen has ruled … and continues to rule. Her realm is universal and extends beyond geographic boundaries and political ideologies.



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