MBAP & The Media

The Miss Black America Pageant has been covered by National/International News Networks and Media outlets alike!

Entities such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, USA Today, 

Huffington Post, NPR, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX,,, NNPA, AP. UPI, and many more have graced the world with Articles or Coverage on the MBAP and it's creator!

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The NY Times pens an Article on the 1981 winner Pamela Jenks!

USA Today tells you about the birth of the pageant and a bit of its beginnings!

USA Today talks to Stephanie Clark and shines some light on the Kansas City Pageant!

The Huff Post details the night of the First Miss Black America Pageant and some of the subsequent ramifications!

A litany of well known and award winning actors and thespians speak on what the War on Teen Violence Needs

Ericka Thompson of expounds upon some of the trials and tribulation J Morris Anderson experienced when making the MBAP

Miss Black America at 50: A look back at the pageant’s history of protest and pride (

Shalwah Evans of tells the tale of the current Miss Black America, Ryann Richardson, and her many Exploits! 


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