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MBAP & The Media

The Miss Black America Pageant has been covered by National/International News Networks and Media outlets alike!

Entities such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, USA Today, 

Huffington Post, NPR, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX,,, NNPA, AP. UPI, and many more have graced the world with Articles or Coverage on the MBAP and it's creator!

Check back here for new articles!

*To Register for Media Clearance of Miss Black America Pageant Events submit your request via the Contact Page* 

Check out the Press Release for the most recent Miss Black America Pageant below! Click Here for the PDF.

USA Today: Miss Black America Pageant still on the Forefront of Change

What does Hollywood say about the Miss Black America Pageant Initiative, War Against Teen Violence

Miss Black America at 50, The Pageant's History of Protest and Pride



Miss Black America at 50: A look back at the pageant’s history of protest and pride (

50th Anniversary Miss Black America, Ryann Richardson by


Miss Black America Archives - Essence

JMA is also the author of the Oath of Positivity which has been recited by Pearl Bailey, and many other Authentic Community Servants. He even created the word Positivity. "Positivity, a word coined by J. Morris Anderson." New York Times

On this date in History the First Miss Black America Pageant Takes Place | History

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