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Oath Of Positivity

In 1977, J. Morris Anderson, coined the word” Positivity”, followed by the “Oath of Positivity”, and its philosophy thereof, to which all Miss Black America Contestants are required to pledge.

The Oath was eloquently recited by the great Pearl Baily, on NBC ‘s ground breaking telecast of the 1977 Miss Black America Pageant.

Since 1977, Anderson’s coining of the word “Positivity” has become a worldwide Philosophic Expression of Positive Thinking, and has become a mantra for the world of positive thinkers; and, placed in Webster’s Dictionary…Miss Black America Contestants annually vie for the title of “Miss Positivity” on the stage of the Miss Black America Pageant Special Television Program.

To purchase and read the book "Seeds Of Positivity"  written by J. Morris Anderson on such topics  Click Here!!


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