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You can be a Contestant in the next MBA Pageant TV Special. Are you between the age of 17-29? Complete the form below.  

*Must be a High School Graduate or its Equivalent

   Registration Form & Applicant's Agreement

Attention: you need to scroll to the end of this agreement before you agree to its terms, since this is a legal and binding agreement . 





To: Mr. J. Morris Anderson, Executive Producer, Miss Black America Pageant P.O. Box 25668 Phila.. PA 19144 



I have read the rules published on the Web site and agree to abide by said rules 

I have volunteered to participate on the above-named program without compensation to me. I will not for any purpose claim to be nor hold myself out to be your employee. I understand that if any of the following representations are false, or if I fail to abide by this agreement, you may require me to forfeit my appearance on the MBAP Media Event. As an inducement to your considering me as a participant, I represent and agree as follows: 


1. I have reached the age of 18 years, or if I am between the age of 17 and 18. this release is submitted by my parent or guardian hereof, and agreed to on line and submitted hereof; The gender into which I was born is Female with Female Anatomy.


2. In the event I am a contestant In the MBAP Media Special Event, I do not have nor does any member of my family have any association with, nor am I friend or close acquaintance of any members of the following groups: (a)The MBAP producers, staff, employees, or any production personnel; (b)The known sponsors of the program or their advertising agencies; (c)Any TV station, network, or on-line network broadcasting the program of any corporate sponsor; (d)any corporate entity of which such station or network is a parent subsidiary or division and any employees of the foregoing persons, firms or agents thereof supplying prizes to the program; or, (e) Any local, national, preliminary or final Judge of the MBAP Media Special Event 


3. I am not a candidate for any political office and I will not become a candidate until after the broadcast of my appearance on the program I agree to advise you promptly if I therefore, become a candidate. 


4. I shall not make any unauthorized mention or plug of any commercial product, service, venture or thing including the name of any employer with whom I have been or am now employed or have been or am now associated on the program. Neither I nor anyone acting for me, or with my knowledge or consent has paid or accepted any money or other valuable consideration, (other than a sponsorship fee) including a split of prizes, for or in connection with my appearance on the program. or to induce me to mention any commercial product, service, venture, or thing on the program. I am aware that payment or acceptance of, or agreement to pay or accept, any such valuable consideration for appearance of any person or mention of anything on the program, without disclosure to you prior to broadcast is a federal offense punishable by fine and/or Imprisonment If any person attempts to Induce me to do any such act, I shall immediately notify the Compliance and Practices Department Of the MBA Pageant and Media Special. 


5. I shall not participate in any dishonest or deceptive act with respect to the MBA PAGEANT & MEDIA EVENT if any person attempts to induce me to do such, I shall Immediately notify the MBA PAGEANT & MEDIA SPECIAL EVENT. 


6. If I am selected to participate In the MBA Pageant & Media Event, you are nevertheless under no obligation to afford me the opportunity to appear, and If I appear on a recorded segment of the program, or any part thereof you have no obligation to broadcast that segment or any part thereof. If I appear on the program, you may, at your sole discretion decide to terminate my participation on the program if I appear on the program, I will make no negative remarks against any ethnic, religious, political or social group on this program or make any gesture or overture or insulting reference to any group or individual. 


7. Having been fully advised of all the rules and regulations prescribed by you in connection with my selection and qualification for my participation In and appearance on the Miss Black America Media Special Event prior to my appearance thereon, I agree to adhere to said rules and regulations I understand and agree that your decision shall be final with respect to all discretionary matters as well as all matters requiring a determination relating to my selection and qualification for appearance and participation on the MBA PAGEANT & Media Special Event. I also agree to cooperate in all pre-appearance requirements deemed necessary by you and to follow your directions regarding my qualifications for appearing on the program 


8. The MBA PAGEANT & SPECIAL MEDIA EVENT and others authorized by you, your licenses and assigns, shall have unlimited and perpetual rights worldwide in all media in and to everything say or do on the MBA Pageant & Media Special. The photographs tape, movies and recordings of my appearance and everything I say or do on the program will be owned by you to do with as you wish at any time In the future as often as you wish, and may be rearrange or changed, or sold commercially by the MBA PAGEANT or the producers thereof or added to other material without the payment to me of any compensation . 


9. The MBA PAGEANT & MEDIA EVENT and others authorized by you may use my name, photographs, recordings and biographical Information for advertising publicizing the program, your services, and the services and products of the sponsors, and I shall cooperate by making myself reasonably available and furnishing any material that is needed or requested. 


10. I also agree that any trip and accommodation won by me cannot be transferred, exchanged or redeemed and can only be used by me at such times as specified by you or the supplier of same. 


11. I understand that "you" in this agreement is a reference to the addressee listed at the top hereof as well as all others connected with the production of or broadcast of the program including without limitation, broadcasters and sponsors, advertising agencies, and other agents and employees and suppliers of prizes. 


12. I release you and others connected with the program as previously described, Including broadcasters and sponsors, from any claims arising out of injury or damage to me in any way resulting from my participation on the program. I hereby Indemnify you and all those described above and hold you and them harmless from all liability, claims, actions, damages expenses and losses of any nature whatsoever caused by or arising out of any statement or actions of mine made In or In connection with my participation on the MBA PAGEANT & MEDIA EVENT. 


13. I acknowledge that the matters contained herein, and those appended below are inducements to you and may not be amended, except in writing and signed by you. 


14. I certify that all of the statements contained herein are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. 


                                 APPLICANTS’ AGREEMENT

I CERTIFY TO THE MISS BLACK AMERICA PAGEANT that I am a high school graduate, or equivalent; I am between the ages of 17 and 29, or, I will become 17 prior to the Miss Black America Pageant of this Pageant year and my age will not exceed 29 years. I am of good moral character. I have been a resident of this City for a period of three months prior to the date of the pageant in which I am applying to compete or I have been attending a college or University in the City in which I may compete I understand that if I am elected Miss Black America' and for any reason I am unable to keep the engagements committed for me on behalf of the Miss Black America Pageant, the Miss Black America Pageant reserves the right to take the title "Miss Black America away from me and award it to the First Runner-up or to whomever is eligible for said title. I am in good health. I understand that any personal appearance. I make during my reign if I am elected Miss Black America will be considered a Miss Black America Personal Appearance I understand that the minimum fee for a Miss Black America Personal Appearance is four hundred dollars ($400.) for the first day and $200. for each additional day, plus expenses, providing the MBA Pageant doesn't negotiate a different personal appearance rate I understand that the Miss Black America Pageant will receive 25% of the amount payable to me for personal appearances I understand that if the MBA Pageant provides a traveling companion to accompany me on appearances, the traveling companion will receive 25% of the personal appearance fees paid me. 


I CERTIFY that I am not under contract to any personal manager or agent and I understand that I will not be authorized to hire a personal manager or agent for the duration of my reign in the event I should win the title "Miss Black America" I understand that In the event I become Miss Black America, I will fall under the exclusive personal management of the Miss Black America Pageant and I will grant the Miss Black America Pageant and Media Event "Power of Attorney to enter into contracts and make commitments on my behalf to other parties. I understand that in the event I win the title "Miss Black America", the title belongs to the Miss Black America Pageant and I am only holding the title until the following Miss Black America Pageant winner is selected. I understand that during the year of my reign. If I am elected Miss Black America I cannot endorse, make appearances, advertise, or take photographs with or for any products, institutions, organizations, or persons without the express written permission of the Miss Black America Pageant I understand that when I agree with all the stipulations of the Miss Black America Pageant stated herein and submit this agreement and release to the Miss Black America pageant (or if I am under the age of 21 and my parent or legal guardian agrees and submits same, 

I am contracted and committed to abide by the rules and regulations of the Miss Black America Pageant. I certify that I have read, understand and meet' the requirements of all the above stipulations and have made all true statements in this applicant's agreement and release. If I am a college student and should win the title "Miss Black America" In the event the Pageant demands, I will forego my education the length and duration of my reign, or if I am employed, will terminate my employment for the length of my reign in the event I am requested to do so by the MBAP. I understand that in the event I am elected Miss Black America, the last personal appearance made by the reigning Miss Black America is a scheduled appearance at the National final Pageant and Media Special occurring subsequent to her winning year. 

I release the National Miss Black America Pageant and all others connected with the National Level of the Miss Black America Pageant from any and all claims arising out of Injury promises, commitments, or any type of damage to me in any way resulting from my participating on the local level of the Miss Black America Pageant I hereby agree to indemnify the National Level of the Miss Black America Pageant and to hold it and all others connected with the National Level of the MBA Pageant harmless from all liabilities, claims, actions, damages, expenses and losses of any kind or nature whatsoever caused by or arising out of or in connection with my participation on any Local Level of the Miss Black America Pageant or the organization sponsoring it. I understand that any local Producer of a Pageant, or the Organization sponsoring a local Pageant is not an employee agent or representative of the National Miss Black America Pageant I understand that organizations sponsoring local pageants are independent and accountable totally for the conduct of a local pageant
I understand that this agreement is between me and the Miss Black America Pageant. I understand that there will be no refund of any pageant sponsorship or application fees for any reason I/we have read the total mbap-6 tv release and applicant’s agreement, and I / we authorize the Miss Black America Pageant-Media Special and others authorized by it to use my name, photograph, biographical information and performance on the MBA Pageant in accord with the above stipulations.


GUARANTEES TO CONTESTANTS BY MISS BLACK AMERICA PAGEANT award of Two Thousand Dollars at the end of the winner's reign. This, in addition to any 3rd party Prizes and awards which will be received after the end of the reign. 

The minimum fee for a City Title Holder is $25. plus, expenses the minimum fee for a State Title Holder is $50. plus, expenses. Title holders may, however waive the fee if they desire to make charitable appearances or appear at nonpaying benefits, or charities. Title Holders are expected, to make promotional appearances for their local pageants and for radio a TV Appearance that do not pay. 


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Thanks For Registering and Paying the Application Fee!